Alusistemi was born in 2008 setting out to produce more or less complex structures and mounting systems by using aluminium as main raw material. The company belongs to the Aluteam group and it produces its own systems by leveraging the support and ten-year experience of the other two companies of the group: Aluveneta Speciali for the profile engineering and production, Alutecnica for the processing and production of aluminium components. To the time-proven product line for sun awnings, Alusistemi has joined its innovative system for the installation of photovoltaic mounting structures. Besides a production area that covers more than 13000 square metres with 5 automatic machining centers inside, Alusistemi makes use of technicians with proven experience and design dynamism who test each detail submitting it to appropriate calculations and tests in order to provide the customers with high quality products and systems, ensuring at the same time long duration and warranty over time. The great experience and proficiency aquired over the years by our group, allows us to face the market with innovative product lines, providing quick and competent answers to the most specific requirements. In this way, inside Alusistemi ideas become projects which, in their turn, become systems, thanks to the insight and passion of a team of people constantly oriented towards a specific target: to provide SOLUTIONS.

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